hey all

beta25 release is supernice, yet to try it out properly
but i got my kinect back so time to try out vux’s lovely plugins proper (and will have a go at some of that skeleton work later on as well!)

anyway, first bug:
copy and paste seems to be broken in codeeditor.
nothing is going into clipboard for me, so i’m pasting whatever was in clipboard before.

will repost if anything changes


CodeEditor remains open on a file after all instances of that file are removed from the patch

had to restart vvvv for a technique to appear on the shader’s enum

restart fixed earlier copy/paste issue

right clicking a value input on a shader opens codeeditor

Dear sugokuGENKI, you were one of most asked for keynote video person. And now, thanks to misterious vvvvleaks, when we have it finally, you speak about bugs in beta25? Guess, Robot-Santa will not like it

for curiosity: does that patch make use of Queue (EX9.Texture)?

using the amazing Finder:

filtering for node id’s like using # like stated in Finder:
i don’t understand it…


be sure: “santa devvvvslaus”
*is used to introduce new bugs; an old tradition…
*prefers precise bugreports more than abstract laudatios…

anyway i have to admit (regarding first tests): --> 25 feels nice! seems to be quite stable/usable


thanks for you reports!

anyway until our next release - a try of a general view onto bugs…
there are those that (should) make you nervous and other that don’t (shouldn’t). the one with open code editors is one that shouldn’t make you nervous, since we it is just implemented that way. in your root is a static editor node showing the text file. the inabilty of pasting also shouldn’t make you nervous, but for sure it is a BUG. right clicking on an input pin: since we are all trained to make pixelprecise clicks, i want to believe - can’t reproduce however. technique bug: sorry for tat

don’t mix up whistleblowers with devvvvs

thanks a lot guys!

These are definitely minor non-critical bugs.
I hope i didn’t give the impression that i was having any serious trouble with 25
i’m very happy with it!!!

perhaps posting them here doesn’t really get the right type of attention
almost everything i’m coming across is minor (shouldn’t be nervous) bugs with the codeeditor

new bug:
Warnings in shader code compilation are flagged as errors (but dont stop shader from working) (much like the ‘bugs’ here :))

i’d really like if there was a bug reporter / feature requester inside vvvv. e.g. a bug reporter node which did something like the following:
Type in bug details into boxes:

  • version (autofilled)
  • Feature (patch editor/code editor/[node list](node list))
  • Version of that feature (autofilled)
  • Seriousness (i’m a troll / this probably shouldn’t happen / this definitely shouldn’t happen / i just lost 10 million euros / i just killed my relative / this is feature request)
  • Tags
  • Title
  • Comments
  • Username (optional)

As you fill out the fields, it’ll ‘google suggest’ existing bugs so you can attach your report onto that thread

then bugs are recorded in the system as:

  • Title (editable by dev’s of course)
  • Tags (incremented by new tags added by each user)
  • Comment thread (each has a version number / username / date attached)
  • other useful things

then all my petty comments, feature requests, unimportant bugs can go into the right place :)

what you all think? good or bad idea?

i dont want to talk about vvvvleaks here, will get blocked!

p.s. the above suggestion might fit into the realm of the Kommunicator
would need some state controlled server side storage
but the rest could be coded by the people!

wouldn’t a conventional (forum?) bug tracker, probably interfaced in some way with the already existing (?) internal bugtracker be much more usable/convenient than inventing new solutions to already well-defined and well-solved problems (i.e. bug tracking)?

/me is already itching to find the time to try the new beta! :-)

the website would probably need some kind of api in order to write such a plugin. but not sure if it’s worth the effort.

about that bug, any frame delay around ? ( thinking about Kalles suggestion of queue with dx9 texture)

@kalle: node IDs in finder: e.g. if you know for some reason a node you are looking for has ID 8 and is somewhere in your open patches do as follows:

  • press ctrl+f
  • type: “g # 8”
  • hover the resulting nodes and check the tooltips to see that they all have ID 8.
  • doubleclick the one you were looking for. its patch will open and the node will be selected.

indeed kommunikator is thougt to be extended kinda like this. only the target would be exactly the forum with the bug tag set. that is our bugtracker. we’ll not maintain multiple systems (we tried that multiple times and it failed. multiple times).

so for now the kommunikator could be extended to load the website in a second tab and start a new forum thread. not sure though if that is easier than switching to a webbrowser. an api concerning different elements of the website is in our heads also but will still take a while…

recurring bug in shaders with codeeditor:

adding new technique requires recreating the shader (generally performed with a ctrl+r on the patch)

thanks for the info!

hm, i get an error every time i use CTRL + TAB:

Unhandled exception has occured in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

************** Exception Text **************
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at VVVV.HDE.Viewer.WinFormsViewer.MapperHierarchyNode.SetColor(Boolean hover)
at VVVV.HDE.Viewer.WinFormsViewer.MapperHierarchyNode.SetHover(Boolean hover)
at VVVV.HDE.Viewer.WinFormsViewer.MapperHierarchyNode.MouseLeave(PointF mousePos, TimeSpan timeSinceEnter)
at VVVV.HDE.GraphicalEditing.GraphElement.GraphElement_MouseLeave(Object sender, PInputEventArgs e)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PNode.HandleEvent(PInputEventArgs e, PInputEventHandler handler)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PNode.OnMouseLeave(PInputEventArgs e)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.Event.PInputEventArgs.DispatchTo(Object sender)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.Util.PPickPath.ProcessEvent(PInputEventArgs e)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PInputManager.DispatchToPath(PInputEventArgs e, PInputType type, PPickPath path)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PInputManager.CheckForMouseEnteredAndExited(PInputEventArgs e)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PInputManager.Dispatch(PInputEventArgs e)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PInputManager.ProcessInput()
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PRoot.ProcessInputs()
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PInputManager.ProcessEventFromCamera(EventArgs e, PInputType type, PCamera camera, PCanvas canvas)
at UMD.HCIL.Piccolo.PCanvas.OnMouseMove(MouseEventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseMove(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)


seems to be the same error, no solution yet though

.csproj isn’t available as a filter in the “Open in patch” file dialogue
but opening it does work