Beta20 won `t rstart

I post this problem few days ago…
after installing beta 20, the vvvv run only for one time. If I close it
AFter using beta 20 for a while, this problem dissapear. BUt noe that I had to reistall it
I`m having the same problem…

please help

now doesn `t open at all


I `l have to reinstall it again

shit happens… maybe your system is unstable? what’s yours? if vista you have to run vvvv as admin but you surely did…
The problem can be anything… by example i have some strange crashes sometimes on my main partition, freezing everything to reboot or telling me “the memory … can’t be read” things.

So one thing you can do is to try beta20 on another disk partition, i mean on a clean system with vvvv’s requirements only (directx etc…) and see what happens. That’s what i did and it works well on it now.

(except one thing:
Sometimes vvvv don’t want to save my patch. I click on “save as” but nothing happens. The solution i get is to duplicate patch in root and save the copy…)