qouting the changelog:

Effects now take arrays of values and colors per slice

seems that this results in strange behaviour.
patch is attached below.

btw. an example patch for the new features would be helpful.

i think it should look like this:

but in fact its this

fxspreads.v4p (9.8 kB)

excellent find kalle. thanks. fixed.
for an example usage of arrays in effects see @joreg for the multiphongpoint demo.

“fixed” means it is introduced with the next release? or should we re-download beta15?

and i second kalle on example patches for the new features…:-)

fixed for >beta15.
the example is the multiphong thing mentioned above.

the next release will come before node08?
this Fx Array problem make me crazy for wiiwiiwiiwii project…


we’ll post a bug fix release next week.

Yahoo00!! Tx :)

Yooo men, you are great…