Beta version numbering

I Like to install the latest and greatest versions of vvvv when it comes out. I keep them all in my overall vvvv folder so I can crack back and forth between versions easily.

since it has become customary to make versions like the current vvvv_45beta31.2_x86 it has on several occasions confused me a little that the latest version is not the one sorted last by windows.

Currently the structure looks like this:


I would like that in the future, initial releases that brings a new major version number should be named something like: vvvv_45beta32.0_x86 so it will keep it’s order in the folder.

or am I just nitpicking?


Would be also nice to have beta version on pinned icons in the toolbar.

my students are usually confused by the first number. is it version 45 or 31 ? do devs really need the first number ? does the beta needs to be named beta for legal reasons ?

maybe a bit of simplification would be good for the next major release.


ps. vvvv_31.1 for 32bit and vvvv_31.1_x64 would do it for me

Totally agree. The version numbering is counterintuitive (sorting of folders of different versions) and confusing.

Why does it need to be that long? vvvv45beta31.2x64 ?? Not very userfriendly, especially for newbies. Internally call it that, but to everyone it should be vvvv 31.2 32bit and vvvv 31.2 64bit.

Whats the reason for the “45” and “beta”?

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+1 @u7angel