Beta 34 feature request: move windows with windows + arrow keys


please pleaseplaeeaeae

am afraid: not gonna happen. i tried and failed. this feature is not compatible with the way vvvv handles its windows. on the bright side: the UI that hosts VL standalone already can do this…

might we can add a hotkey like reset window position to 0,0
thanks for the info tho

i’m actually having more troubles with save as and open windows, witch sometimes got opened on separate screens

hm, but save/open dialogs are positioned by the OS, as far as i understand. so you may have some weird setting somewhere there?!

it’s not random, might i had something opened somewhere else. using multi-screen rig with multiple computer connected to 3 screens with 3 inputs on each so sometimes u open dialog it opens on some random screen so u need to change display input every time to see where it is… Same with patches actually…
so some button to reset patch position might be good…
for file dialog windows arrow keys work ok i just notted

Kinda nasty, but works. Could probably be cleaned up with ScreenInfo or something.

WindowRescue.v4p (6.5 kB)

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Just saw this, probably much better solution :)

Well of course that’s default window behaviour, so there was nothing to implement.
Technically removing it requires more effort.

i’m actually up for hotkey move window to cursor, since there is some major troubles with GPU to decide witch card it should use, so far i end up that if u use two graphics cards it gonna boil the one with use as main display mark witch gonna make ur patches open under the renderer screen if ur preview on separate card