Beta 27.1 Strange things happen

Hi, Does anyone have the same problem ???

In Beta 27.1 when trying to save changes to a Patch, VVVV freeze for almost a minute , other programs running are not afected ( I can open and close other programs wile VVV is frozen …) , so let’s say you have made 4 changes in differnt subpatches that means that is gonna take about 4 minutes to save everything …
anyone having same issue ???

hei chile,

are you talking of beta27 or alpha27.1? if you’re talking about the latter, please only do so in the alpha forum.

also with such a report it would greatly help if you can state that you see different behavior in different versions. ie. does it work differently in b27 than in a27.1?

and please report if it is happening with a specific patch or any patch. if specific, please post it for us to check.

Alpha 27.1 , I’ll change to that forum in next post , there isn’t a crash so I cant copy crash report , ill keep trying out …