Beta 25.1 freeframe support is broken

Hello. Look’s like freeframe support is boken in beta 25.1 - can’t load any freeframes. I’m tested help patches and drag&drop. In beta 25 all works fine. My system is Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

it does work here, drag n drop and via node browser
windows xp64

same issues here… see this thread:

maybe it’s related to systems with 32bit vs. 64bit?

ah, sorry … only self-compiled freeframes fail here

same here, win7 64bit. neither nodebrowser, nor drag’n’drop

I just found this too, mine were relative to the patch but werent found, I put them in the freeframe folder, and I could load but not attach them to the videoinput saved reloaded and I could attach them, seems like they through something out everytime you do something, but worked ok after some hoop jumping…

Tested on another PC with Windows 7 x64 - same issue.

related to this ?

just checked, on w7-64 everything works like charm with freeframe…
You guys might don’t have openCV installed?

Why it’s now depends on openCV library? I think openCV needed only for compiling from source.

UPD: Now working. Just unchecked and checked DirectShow Filter option in “crack.exe”. As expected, bug in DShow freeframe wrapper, that don’t register automatically because crack.exe think’s that wrapper registered correctly in graph. I think this problem appearing when updating from any version to 25.1 and new vvvv install is placed in different folder than previous.

cheked on the documentations Here and Here but did’t find any clue to be sure that you don’t need openCV to make plugin’s using it work…
since it’s working here can’t test…

as mentioned before, only selfcompiled ff-plugs don’t work here - so an error depending to an installed opencv can be excluder, can’t it?

perhaps someone with a working freeframe environment (antokkhio) can test this attached plugin? this is simply the template from the svn…

Template.rar (9.6 kB)

nop template did’t worked for me…

same here,

win 7 64bit

every freeframe (except in vvvv\freeframe) like petes or intrinsinic-packages does not work in 25.1 :(

got more than 150 fffx tested - none of them worked



helos, sorry for being late on this.

right, there was a bugger in crack.exe that made itself believe all directshowfilters are registered and available while they actually weren’t. so beta>25.1 will ship with a fixed crack.

for now it should suffice to properly uninstall previous vvvvs before running crack for beta25.1.

and right, there is another problem that won’t allow locally referenced freeframes in beta25.1. putting them in the vvvv\freeframe directory should make them all work.

and just for the reference: opencv does not have to be installed manually. vvvv is bringing the necessary .dlls in its \bin.