Beta 23 addons missing things

hi all, especially devvvelopers of this fantastic software. I installed now the new beta23, and i love the new stuff and the improved performance/compatibility with win7.
anyway i noticed in the addons pack some wrong pieces.
The first is the NWtouchdata, that miss some files (including the help patch) and seems to output values based on the monitor resolution (instead of the classic -1 to 1 as the original vux code sends). anyway here is the right plugin, with the helppatch (thx vux for the great work).
The second thing i noticed is that all the box2d helppatches has apparently missing nodes (or at least missing connections).

and the drawflash plugin is missing in action as well…

hi, i’m just trying the help patches of my plugins, even the simplest ones ( like Integer ) have missing links … ( ?? ), for example in the Inversion2d there is a missing link from the Inversion node to the Polygon node so the user can’t see nothing. It’s strange, but in my pc it was broken too, so i think was saved broken and then committed. Strange …

Could it be the changes to the plugin architecture?

From change log:

  • plugins support new pins: TextureOutput, RenderStateInput, SamplerStateInput
  • the DimensionNames argument on the CreateValuePin methods finally works (beware: this may brake links to pins that already used those!)

I also noticed text ex9 was broken, it it working for anyone as of beta23? Just wondering if it is a related issue or if a different slim DX might do the trick? I’ve got August 09 at the moment.

I also noticed casually the text ex9 broken, after install Feb 10 it got fixed.

the addon pack is compiled against slimdx (february 2010), so you certainly have to install the latest version of slimdx in order to use plugins which use mesh, texture, etc pins.

regarding the missing links in the help patches: we missed to check all those help patches, some use wrong dll names (like Integer using Number.dll instead of Integer.dll) and others miss to set the :PLUGINS: variable before the dll name.

any news when the fixed addon pack is released ? cheers.

we thought we’d wait some days to see if more problems pop up. looks like we’re aiming at friday…

makes sense. althouh i stopped testing vvvv23 as i’m quite used to some plugins now.

anyway,many thanks for the new release!

ai, but the plugs should all work, don’t they? make sure to tell us all your troubles exactly so we can fix them. so far we know of some wrong-linked helppatches and the missing flash-plug.

this is a list of what i’ve found (hope is useful):

  • all the box2d helppatches
  • the NWtouchdata plugin is different from this one: the difference is that the original plugin give values from -1 to 1, the plugin of addonpack gives the pixel width and heigth of monitor (for example 1920x1600). Personally i prefer the relative coordinates (-1 to 1) instead of the absloute.
  • some wrong charaters in the bezierspline helppatches (BÚzierSpline (Value) help.v4p instead of BézierSpline (Value) help.v4p) so when pressing f1 the helppatch wont load
  • collada plugin: as you probably know there is a new and corrected version in the svn, that correct a bug for more than 4 influences per vertex (thx elias :D)
  • delaunay3d help patch (delaunay node exist but is not attached)
  • particles2dfield and particle3dfield (same thing)
  • mt rotary slide helppatch (the switch is detached to MTRotaryslider)
  • the flash plugin


Box2d is fixed, so is particlesfield.
All other c# plugs have been checked and seem fine (like the MT Gui 2d).

Need to rebuild delaunay, but just reinstalled my pc, so will need bit of time for this one :).

Have to look at the nextwindow one, seems odd, but shouldnt be a biggie by the look of it.

@vux, @all. hopefully you start fixing this in subfolders.

4 days before 23 release i finished moving everything to from 21 to 22. picking all custom plugins out of 21 was a pain in the ass.
now i have my custom plugin folders almost organized in subfolders. the main folder is still a mess.


and others miss to set the :PLUGINS: variable before the dll name.

and exactly that is a problem when you want to use subfolders. woei’s plugins and helppatches always have relative paths, so they are easily moveable into subfolders and work in every location.

Flash (EX9) is fixed, it has now a Keyboard input to write characters in a flash file and it supports transparency. the transparency support costs a bit of performance even when the flash has no transparency, please report if its usable like this…

Hello vvvv masters!

as great mr.Vux said > Box2d is fixed
but how it works now?

there is no correct dll
box2d svn source related to beta23 has missed link to box2d library \repositories\box2d_new\trunk\Box2D

are any chances to see fixed plugins here soon? please)

thanks for all your input. get the new addonpack is from the Downloads

hi, i’m testing the new addons pack, great work ;)
just a thing, the help patch of the NWTouchData has some pins detached. the attachment is the patch of the addonpack with these pins attached

NWTouchData (Devices NextWindow) help.v4p (12.4 kB)

ah, thanks for noting, i just found that the helppatch was not included at all in the pack, seems you had an old one laying around.

ah, ok :))

thank you… no text …