Best way to store 'presets'?

After 3 weeks off extreme hard work, I am back for some patching.

The club is getting near to a final plan, so expect Q’s and Mail from us prety soon!!

Got myself a nice Behringer BCF2000 midi controller, it has motorised faders, so i can also set my faders to a preset I made before.

When I was playing with presets for my LEDWALL-font, I used Reader (file) and Writer (file) nodes to save/load my presets, but I am sure that there has to be another.

I remember when I was in Frankfurt, you people talked about CMS (comma sepperated ehh… stuff) and a thing called XML to store/retrieve data on online websites.

Any updates or nodes I should check on??

Or any other tricks to store my presets out side off my patches??

You ment CSV (comma separated values).
it is a way to keep values in one file separated… e.g. you have a preset which stores colors and values. you could save it like this.


after loading your file you can parse it with separate(string) first by “;” then by “,”. Note: Separate(string) will have another pin “Keep Quotes” in the next beta.

What you ment by XML is actually a way to store those presets in xml format. you can use getPatch(xml) to get current values of nodes.
you can use setPatch(xml) to set values of nodes…

halo west.

i have a preload module thing in the making that uses the new xmlfeatures. it makes certain presetting tasks quite easy. i try to publish it before the end of january.

Thnx David, Have to look to CSV than.

Any nodes I should use/look at, or does it work with reader/writer, like other text?

And who is anonymous?? ;)

ah. that was me. tirilii

reader/writer works!

Toaday is end off January, andy Progress??

I would love to see what you came up with this time :)

u. well i have not forgot…give me some more days…

i devoted it a new thread:
hier lang