Best way to show 2D images


I was just wondering what the best way to show 2D images is? I’ve tried using textures on quads and grids but the quality is not very bood, blurry and a bit lacking in color. Any tips on file formats, texture formats and so on? Even new ways to do it?

Best I could get was by taking for instance a 2048x2048 texture, put my image in the middle of it and then make it fit the quad pixelwise. Still not as good as when I show a picture in any imaging software.

Help would be much appreciated. :)

helo alj,

see oschatzens answer here. this should help you get your images sharp and shiny.

if anybody makes a nice patch out of this classic problem i’d be glad to distribute it with the \girlpowers.

joreg, modules for this problem and its use cases are on my harddrive already. i’v made them for a project… we contact…

Ahh, Filter (EX9.SamplerState) did the job by setting Magnification and Minification to “point” and setting MipMapp Filter to “none”. It’s now as sharp as it gets. :)

It think this effect would be a nice little thing to mention in the DirectX Rendering tutorial, as I can imagine many people using VVVV for something like this. Doesn’t have to be a huge section, just a short mention of what it does.

Thank you very much. :)


are the “sharpness” patches now included in the actual vvvv release? how are they called?