Best way to read random HD sequences?

Hi all,
I have a folder full of HD sequences.
I would like to read them randomly. Every time a video reaches its end, a new one is selected by random and played.

I do a simple patch which bang random when frame count reaches the video frame count.
The problem is I have a little freeze, while the video is loaded probably…

How could I avoid this ?

Maybe its more codec question than patch question ?

Maybe I should do a big track with all sequences, and cue them ?

see the patch attached.
thanks in advance.

random movies.v4p (8.3 kB)

The little hickup is indeed loading and starting the new clip. Perhaps it works with using 2 Filestreams? Or You could check Filesteam VLC, it should come with a Nextfile pin, so it preloads.

thanks for the answer westbam !
would you have a simple example showing how to use the nexfile pin ?
I can’t figure out how to use it even with the help file which is a little bit hard for me to understand.
thanks in advance

little up ;) thanks

Sorry man, for some reason my VLC node is red, I am in the middle of a project where I not dare to switch vvvv versions. If you still need some help, you can Skype me, westbam.v4p

think next file pin was removed
use two vlc players and mix them