Best way to do really fast stroboscopic flashes

hello all,
I would like to make white stroboscopic flashes onto a texture (like camera image for instance)…flashes would replace the whole image.
I would like something like really fast 10 flashes…
I try with texture cons and dynamic texture, but the result is not good, not fast enough…
would you have any suggestions ?

is this what you are looking for?

ReallyFastFlashes.v4p (10.9 kB)

perfect and really fast !!
thank you, really great :)

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i use this way

strobe.v4p (6.6 kB)

I try to do for example:
4 seconds of flashes/texture, then white light during 1 second, and then go back to texture.
And weird stuff happens: the final toggle wich switch between texture and flash doesn’t go well every time…see the patch attached…
hope I’m clear…maybe it’s a bang delay trouble…

flash bonno.v4p (28.0 kB)

i guess the delay node is no good for bangs. if you do such timed things you should use MonoFlop (Animation). and instead of using Toggle like a on/off switch, i would use FlipFlop (Animation).

but as soon it gets more complicated and you get lost in logic patching with things like do this then that and so on, just solve it with a Timeliner (Animation) or the process-(animation).

flash bonno.v4p (26.6 kB)

thank you tonfilm !