Best practices for handling dynamically created and destroyed objects

Hi all,

Sometimes I come across a common problem when patching. I find it really hard to handle “objects” in vvvv that can be created and destroyed dynamically. For example, now I’m thinking about doing something like the old Windows 95 “flying through space with rocks” screensaver. Every rock is an object with certain properties like speed, position, spin, etc. The rocks that go behind the camera need to be destroyed while others need to be created in the distance.

What’s the best way to approach problems like this? Creating arrays/buffers/queues to store the objects’ properties seems like a nightmare (if possible at all). Should I look more deeply into VL for this?



hei szabi, this kind of problem is indeed exactly one of the main reasons why we built VL. please have a look at


to see a comparison between two approaches of creating such a particle system in classic vvvv beta vs. VL.

then please head over to the vvvv gamma tutorials and familiarize yourself with VL.

remember: vvvv gamma is mostly just VL, so everything you learn in vvvv gamma, can be applied to vvvv beta via VL.


Thanks @joreg. The video tutorials are very helpful.

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