Best option for multiple renders?

The image below shows a sculpture I have built. I am using the homography node to make separate .avi videos to beam with a projector on to each face of the scupture. This has been good but does not allow for much experimentation within vvvv.

Can anyone tell me off the top of your head, what would be the best and most interesting way to project over this scupture? I am thinking about geometric projections. would it be multiple render windows on each face or one render that is mapped to the entire sculpture?

Would it be possible to draw this sculpture into vvvv and then work around that in some way?

set.png (6.0 kB)

if you only want to project on those surfaces shown in your drawing, you can use a single beamer for this (situated exactly where the viewer of your image would be). you would only need one (1) renderer this way.

Have you found a solution to draw that into vvvv? I am also very interested to know how to achieve that.

hello kitw
i would build that surface out of quads or quads and boxes, then put a videotexture on each
then match the 3d camera transform with your beamers position
and press play…
it should be enough to use 256x256 pixel videos and you could play even 10 at the same time

Mapping3Cubes.v4p (10.3 kB)

different approach: build a 3d-model of your sculpture in a 3d-modelling-program. lay out the uv texture coordinates of the faces you would like to project on in a smart way (e.g. so that you can easily create fitting textures, see below). export as xfile. import into vvvv using XFile (EX9.Geometry Load) . render the mesh using a single texture. your clever uv coordinates will allow you to generate this texture dynamically in a Renderer (EX9) without too much headache.

the more i think about this, i guess we should put up a wikipage on this topic.

Hi diki,

I am very interested in your method. Are you able to elaborate more. What is uv texture and using what application to create and how to export into xfile?


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a big problem I have is projector beam expansion. I know the projector node can compensate for this but I prefer to use the homography node connected to each quad.

i believe your problem with projector beam expansion can be solved if you know the trick to the whole ‘projecting on complex geometry’ thing.

but give me a few hours (+sleep) to compile a wikipage on the subject …

started this, still working on it …