Best method to span renderer across multiple screens

What is currently the best method to stretch a fullscreen dx11 renderer across multiple screens?

I read a bit about the topic on FAQ MultiScreen | vvvv which seems slightly outdated. I run Windows 10 with a GTX card. With this setup, there is no Mosaic Mode or SpanMode.

I found a patch in this thread Borderless patch - #4 by xd_nitro which helped me to manually set the renderer window to the desired position. It works.


But is this the best solution?


check out FakeFullscreen in mp.essentials

Your Nvidia drivers should enable you to setup a multiscreen group which they call “Surround View”.
For ATI these are called “Eyefinity Groups” and there’s also hardware solutions like Datapath X4, Triplehead2Go (in the past), and others …


Thanks, at @microdee!

FakeFullscreen looks great. I had some initial issues with screen scaling though and hard to reboot after setting scaling to 100% to make it work.

Took me a while to figure out how it works as well. So I attempted a help patch, that’s hopefully useful for anyone else. Feel free to improve and add it to your pack: (6.3 KB)

Thank you @readme!

I’ve checked the driver settings earlier but must not have gotten this right. The following describes how it worked for me:

  1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Select 3D Settings > Configure Surround, PhysX
  3. Check Span displays with Surround
  4. Hit Configure … button
  5. Select all screens in the list
  6. Hit Enable Surround button

Also, I didn’t know the Datapaths. Good to know there are controllers for more than three screens.

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Hey, thanks for the help patch, I’ll include this in mp.essentials! That “Update Display Change Delay” pin is for situations where you can’t guarantee that your desired screen stays connected while the patch is running, but you want to get back your content to that screen once it’s reconnected automatically. The delay part is indicating how long should FakeFullscreen wait until it’s “safe” to put back the renderer on the reconnected screen. It’s only useful on venues or installation sites but you can imagine I ran into this problem a lot ;)

About DPI scaling, yup I know this issue for ages and windows ain’t making it easy to get a “pixels/dot” multiplier. It’s on my bucket list but super low priority as I use all my screens and venue displays without DPI scaling.

Thanks, for your explanations and the patch @microdee! 👍

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