Beloved fullscreen patches

hey all

i dont know if i’m the only person who does this, but whenever i’m editing patches I always put them fullscreen.
in vvvv20 (i think, might be 19+ though), i can no longer have 2 patches fullscreen simulatanously (alt+enter does nothing).

also there’s a few bugs with editing patches fullscreen:

  1. right click when making a new node does not display the node library
  2. if you change a spread size in inspektor, sometimes the node that you’re editing looses focus and the inspektor starts looking at itself or the patch

the first bug is more annoying than the second as the second can be got around using “attach to selection”.
But the bug with the 2 fullscreen patches (e.g. fullscreen shader editor, fullscreen patch on the other monitor) is grinding me away.

anyone else affected/care/care for me?

Nobody cares :P

ai sugoku,

sory for late…

right, there where troubles…after fullscreening an effecteditor all keyboardshortcuts were dead. fullscreen with two different patches on two monitors was fine though. anyway fixed for beta>21

ad 1)
also fixed for beta>21

ad 2)
i don’t see this happening. is this probably related to a specific node?