Beginning with Contour


Has somebody basic information about how to begin with Contour? A friend and myself have the plan to make an installation and I would like to use movements informations to control visuals.

Thanx people!


play around by connecting pipet and grid split, which gives you some x-y values


OK, I tried combinations with those nodes but they don’t seem to be correct.

I want to control a video playback from Contour information. I have this stroke and I want the “head” (the lower left end) of the stroke to lead a new stroke on another part of the renderer; knowing that this strokewould be in fact a video of a stroke being drawn.

I don’t know if that’s clear enough but, basically, I want a video to be controlled by another one (speaking about speed and direction).

In anyone has understood what I meant, tell me ; ]

CONSOLE-DirectX Renderer - Pass_ 0#0.jpg (24.7 kB)


tell me:
what do you want the videoplayback to be like, if x= -1 and y=-1 and the difference to x=1 and y=1…

maybe i didn’t get enough sleep, but i don’t get what you want at all.


Hi woei,

I don’t think you miss sleeping… ; ]

In fact, I want to shoot a friend while he’s performing some graffiti; everytime he would draw a stroke on the canvas, another stroke (this one made of video) would be drawn with the same angle and speed, but on another part of the canvas.

So I want to use information taken from Contour to draw the virtual stroke.

i still don’t get the idea exactly.
“another stroke (this one made of video) would be drawn with the same angle and speed, but on another part of the canvas.”

stroke made of video? could you elaborate on that?

which part about contour do you not understand? seen its helppatch? basically it returns all contours it detects in one large spread. using the given binsizes you can further operate on individual contours. calculate their center …whatever…

Hmm, sorry, my second stroke would be drawn with, for instance sphere or pillow or whatever, but not a real video flow.

I want to reproduce the first stroke from the contour information.

Apologize, I’m working on Contour and Trautner at the same time and I make confusions between them!

never mind. i’ve even seen people using both in a chain…

anyway. yeah. if the movement of the graphitti-spraying hand can be extracted by contour (means: if the lighting and sourrounding conditions allow it to make a nicely thresholded image of the hand)…that should be easy.