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In this topic we’re collecting requests/suggestions for vvvv gamma beginner tutorials. Please add one reply per tutorial title and put your like on those you want to see prioritized.



Image and mask filters

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“computer, please write 100 times ‘hey!’” - Creating your first loops

was: “loops”

Creating the lyrics of “99 Bottles of Beer”


Beta 2 Gamma Converter
How to do on vvvv gamma simple tasks we are used to do in vvvv beta.
Experience benefits, complexities and changing points of view.
Taking in mind difference in thinking modes. For example, nodes with same names but different belonging, directory management - gamma seem to be organized not as used to be in beta,
how to edit settings(if background is too dark…) and other staff I can’t put my finger on .

  • Make a simple animation (first 2d then 3d)
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Sound-Reactive audio visual,

like this :

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Patching a basic midi arpegiator.

It’s fun to use and it would be a nice to show some reactive type patching.

Patching a simple sample based drum sequencer.

Perhaps showing a basic elementa 16 step sequencer and and a simple audio sample playback.

I would also like to see a tutorial explaining how to built a (audio-)reactive patch - either with midi or microphone. But it would be great if every step and node is explained a little bit. In the tutorials available for vvvv gamma, explanations are missing most of the time about why we are using this node and what it does. I just learnd Unity as well and the documentation is so different in quality and quantity. I love vvvv but its really hard to learn and understand because of the documentation.

So, if you want a tutorial you have to be more specific, e.g. I want to create sphere of particles and make it sound reactive, or I want to make sound reactive 3d scene exported from blender, maybe some example vid you want to brakedown…

There is too many topics to cover and most of the stuff also really specific to to some case, for instance I would not make a fuse video, but I can do on some general pipeline e.g. making shaders from scratch…

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