Beginner-Question about spreads

Hello vvvvers,

How can I “grow” a spread? Let’s say I want a spread to start with a spreadcount of 1, and grow it up to 50. the first slice should start at a value of 0, and each slice-value should grow by 0.04.

I actually want to draw concentric circles. It should start with the smallest one, and add circles, until they reach the borders of the renderer.



Many ways, just pick up one:

use I (Spread) and connect it to a * (Spread) and multiply for 0.04

Thanks IO,

my question was imprecise. I want the spreadslices to increment in time. Let’s say I have a spread with a value of 0 on all indices. I want that spread to change after one second, so that at index 0 there is a value 0, at index 1 there is a valoe of .04, at index 2 and above alle the values are 0. After another second, the value at index 2 should have turned to .08 and so on.

Not sure, if the value is 0 then the circle is invisible, then it is the same as a non-existent spread value right?
Any whay if you wish so then use Select (Value) to create a given number of slices at 0 value then use Insert Spread to add the values coming from the I and * nodes, see how to increment properly the spread size.

maybe GrowSpread from here is what you are looking for: woei.modules

also have a look at the node BarSpread (Spreads) with it you could switch between two spreads on a slice level.

like this?

PeakIncrement.v4p (9.9 kB)

Kind of spread as node I think you’ll find the solution.
This node lets you, starting form any value, to retrieve a spread of values with a regular interval (0 0.04 0.08 0.12 …) of any spreadcount, and all pins are spreadable. @velcrome made a really good work here.

Though this can be obtained with a linearspread, it behaves in a slightly different way. In your case it would let you to simply add a new slice without having to set any other pin. Linearspread, instead, would make you to adjust not only SpreadCount but also Width and Input (and Alignment though just one time).

I would suggest it to be included in the next release, as it performs a useful and solid operation.