Beginner: most videos won't play

I am a beginner to vvvv. I am trying to play videos through filestream-videotexture-quad-renderer, but for some reason only some of the videos playback. I looked at it more and found out the videos that were playing were all Cinepak from the Prelinger archive

my computer is a 2002 pentium 4 with 1.5 Ghz 512 RAM and an Nvidia RIVA TNT Model 64 graphics card. Is there an issue with my card???

is there something simple in the patching that i don’t know yet??


Sorry to say, your graphics card is considered ‘rather incompatible’. Riva TNT is to my knowledge (haven’t googled it) not entirely DirectX9 compliant. However if you do get output in a renderer, that is likely not the problem.

Cinepak is a very old codec which is certain to be decompressed in software only, regardless of your graphics card. I could imagine some newer codecs (mpeg-2, mpeg-4) might rely on certain capabilities of your graphics card.

The obvious question is: What codec were the non-playing movies in?
Do they playback correctly in mediaplayer?

None of the other ones seem to be playing in VVVV. They all play in Media Player or quicktime. Actually some new cinepak clips i just downloaded don’t play either.

Since they do play in WMP but not VVVV does that mean it is not a Graphics Card issue? or shall i just go out and get a new card? What is a reasonable value in a card for the machine i am working on?

Try setting the pow/nonpow texture setting in the video texture, I’ve had issues with that, 1 way works on one pc the other on another?
Does that help?