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Hey friends. I come from Touchdesigner and have a decent grasp of that system. I was watching the dx.11 particles and really fell in love with what vvvv can do (TD is great in its own merit but struggles on the graphics end unless you’re a GLSL coder).

I wanted to give vvvv a shot but it seems like an entirely different ballpark and it’s been a challenge to get an overview for how everything patches together. I’ve followed a couple of tutorials which gave me some specifics but is there something I can watch/read/study to get an overview about how vvvv works as a whole from a beginner standpoint? Most important essentials? There are so many more options to create that it seems easy to get lost and unsure what to connect next in a node. Thanks!

Hey Rugen,
Wellcome to vvvv! As your goal seems to be to understand DX11 Particles (which is rather an intermediate/advanced topic) I would suggest the following roadmap to get you there. Let’s dive right in:

  • Westbams’s Beginner Tutorials < Some of it is outdated but will give you a good understanding about vvvv workflow and it’s datatypes

  • The Tutorial and Girlpower Folders of the Addon Pack (Make Sure you got that selected during installation)

  • Generative Gestaltung Code Examples
    A great Book on generative design with codeexamples for both vvvv and touch designer. so you could compare how the same thing is done in both environments. often learning by comparison seems to foster good results.

  • VVVV TV on Youtube
    Also the place where Westbam’s Tutorials are featured, this will cover basically every more advanced topic. Especially check out the weekend tutorials by @microdee. He provides some good entry points into DX11 and vpm the package manager you will need to manage complex packs like dx11 particles.
    Also feel free to dive in into vvvv Gamma. Gamma is the future.

  • Last but not least, the Legend
    Just grab some popcorn and check out what Schabernack is possible with hacking APIs

There is way more material out there but it seems that this will give you a good entry points.

Some general Advice:
Segment your learning effort into topics and try to jump in one thing at a time. Have fun and experiment a lot. Open Help Patches (F1 when node selected) to get some idea how a node can be used. Also don’t hesitate to upload your patches to the forum and ask questions. Most of the time you should get an answer within 24 hours.

Happy Patching!


all the above and make sure you read the Getting Started guide.

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@joreg Yeah, deffo very important one!

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