hi guys,

I’ve seen, that the beattracker is improved.
first I have to say, that the beat detecting is much better than before.

but one question I have is, can it be, that the beattracker detects only bpms in steps by 3 bpms?

the music I use is in a range of 120 - 130 bpm.
I recognized, that the beattracker detects only 123, 126 and 129 bpm.

am I right or is it just chance?


hi chrismo,

the beattracker uses sampleframes as units (about 1024 samples per frame from 44100 per second =~43 frames per second), so the detected bpm is only an approximation. I hope the beattracker improved magically because i have to admit i am quite stuck in the development of the next version, sorry for that. If someone want to have a look at the actual state see: I will work on it again as soon as possible.


I’ll have a look at your trunk, but I won’t promise, that I can help you in the development. Is it you, who did this node as a diplomarbeit?

But I am really wondering, that such a tool isn’t that interesting for other people, especially for guys who use vvvv as a visual tool.

so long and thanks for all the fish…

I tried to compile your solution, but I couldn’t find those files:


could you give me a hand?

The VST-Stuff can be found here : you might also need the libfftw3-3.dll in the vvvv/bin-folder. Beattracker2 just uses the VST-Interface to the VST-Host in vvvv, with the aim that it now works with arbitrary Hosts. Also there are some new functions and it has a GUI. I tried to keep it modular with the stages you can see in Tracker::process. I can send you the thesis(german). If you or others really are interested we can start a blog or something, i would be glad. Beattracking can be fun (not only on the dancefloor:)


sounds interesting. is there also a short publication available (don’t know if i have the endurance to dig through a whole thesis)?
what algorithm do you use? i read about an interesting/promising approach here:

I will put up a beattracker-wiki soon

I love beatracker! keep em coming guys.

is there anyway to make this work again? i dont know enough about code to make heads or tails of the files on source forge

is beat tracker working under beta 25?

no, beattracker is not working in beta25. the quest is still open to replace the gpled fft code used there with a free fft implementation.

i see.


fft analysis, beat bang, decay etc. working correctly under beta 25?

does it make sense to use the old versions of audioanalysis incl. beattracker? incompabilities…?
cannot test at the moment…