BeatDetector not working?

The help patch “HowTo Beat Detection” (VL.Audio) is not working for me as it is supposed to (I think): when I open the patch (without manipulating anything besides selecting the sound interface), I can hear the sound and the sliders above the BeatDetector node move, but there is no movement / no bangs below the node. I have tried it on 2 computers with gamma version 2020.1.7. Is it a bug? Is there a setting I have not considered?

Thanks a lot!

small video in the zip file:
beat (158.3 KB)

I think that it only works in the 32 bit version of vvvv.

Same as all those that use BASS.dll, which is weird cos BASS itself has 64bit versions.

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Thanks a lot!
I’m using vvvv gamma here, and there is no choice between 32 bit and 64 bit, only one version (if I haven’t missed something).

Hi, so does anyone get BeatDetector working in gamma ?
Thanks !

Hi Jib,

I think you can try


Thanks Hadasi ! it works :)

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