Beat tracker and other fun audio stuff

In my poking around looking for a way to replace beattracker* in 26, I came across some promising looking stuff.

Here’s some “vamp” plugins, a couple of which look like they may fill the bill:

They use some recent tracking algorithms so should offer good performance. Don’t see a “phase” output, though.

Here’s a related audio analysis tool that looks like it could be good for extracting all sorts of info from audio:

I’ll give them a whirl and see how hard they are to integrate w/vvvv. I’m also trying to build the BeatTracker VST from the Sourceforge vvvv sources with VS2010 and the current VST SDK, but that’s another post…

    • A beat “tracker” is not just a beat detector, but something much more involved that tries to figure out tempo, and produces outputs at that tempo. In other words a metronome that syncs itself to arbitrary input music.

would be nice if you could rebuild the beattracker node just with another fft library?

Ayup, I just want to get it built clean first with the existing lib, and then try dropping something else in. I’ve used the Fast Hartley Transform in the past (even on Z-80s!) which is much faster then an FFT for things needing only magnitude data, but I’d have to check it’s copyright/licensing first.

My initial attempts at building it have flushed out some references to build-system specific folders, and there is no doc I can find on the specific VST/VSTGUI versions used to build it; so it’s a process of squashing one build bug at a time.

The vamp plugin stuff looks interesting though, it’s all open-source, and there are some cool modern analysis things in there. I think a wrapper into vvvv would open some new sound-reactive possibilities. But I haven’t really looked at the interface yet.

hola dog,

please check the section: “Dependencies for building C++ Directshow Filters” on addon buildscript that should help you getting the beattracker to build.