Beamer connectic?

Hi guys,

I have a beamer but i miss the video cable (what a shame!!)…The only 2 inputs (source1 and source2) looks like 26 pin hi-density D-SUB connectors ?!!, and i need to connect it to a standard 15 pin VGA output (they call it a VGA/XGA V-Split cable)…so if anyone knows where to find the right cable please tell me …The beamer is ASK Impression A6 XGA, (but not exactly this one…i don’t have any s-video input…)…please help!!!

ask a friend for soldering or DoItYourself.
but only if you are experienced. it is a bit more advanced than soldering a guitar cable.

i doubt you can buy a readymade one for an acceptable price.

i assume it is about 3/4 hours of work when you have all the necessary things like shrinking tube and some tools.
if your friend is good at soldering you get an high quality adapter.

where are you located now?
didn’t you just leave frankfurt?
i could have soldered that cable.

best you make a short adapter like a genderchanger.
you can let it mounted at the beamer.
a special cable is always too long or too short if you didn’t forgot it at home.

you have two inputs?
make at least three adaptors so you have one for spare.
special cables are tending to break two minutes before showtime especially we you don’t have spare parts.


I first thought about this idea but i have to admit big gap in electronics…The adaptator idea seems great to me but i’m not sure if we can merge them together…i mean VGA 15 pins to XGA 26 pins ?!!..It would have been easier if i was still at meso, but i’m not…and i’m not sure to get some electronics genius friends at home, so maybe i should hire you for this job:) we’ll probably find a way, u’re price is mine:p…see u on skype!!!