bassSound.dll never works on 64bit. VVVV

I’m using VVVV beta on 64bit Windows 10.
When I try to control images with sound by running files on Girlpower > Audio, it never works because plugin called BassSound.dll is missing.
So I installed 32bit addonpack, but it’s still not working.
What should I do to run Audio patches in a 64bit computer?
Installing Bass didn’t help. (Did I put the file in the wrong way? Need help!!!)

hey gyu, welcome on the forum.

as stated here, Bass nodes are not available in beta x64. mixing a 64bit vvvv with a 32bits addonpack is not recommended and won’t solve your issue.

nowadays, you’d better use the VAudio pack rather than Bass nodes for audio related tasks.


what should work though is using 32bit vvvv with 32bit addonpack. even on a 64bit PC!

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