BassAsio 0.5 mixer and vst

I would like to control the level of a sound differently on each of the four outputs of my soundcard, using the mixer and AudioOut(BassAsio).

so far it does not really work, I have made a patch to try it out, maybe some of you can figure out an error in it.

The soundcard works well with all four outputs in programmes like Ableton Live

while I am on the subject of BassAsio, is it possible to use a vst and use it with BassAsio?



bassasio-question.v4p (9.4 kB)

Hi Sunep,

had a look on you patch, the channel count pin on the mixer decides how many output channels the mixer will have, so in your example, a channel count of 1 actually does downmix your stereo file to mono.

To upmix your file, just set the channels count on the mixer to 4.

Then to control the volume you have two options, use the bass asio ouptut volume pin (simple), or use the matrix mixing features of the mixer.

For the mixer options, the mixer volume input spread must be of size 8 for a stereo file (2 inputs * 4 outputs).
Then you can control exactly how each file channel goes to each output.

If you need more help or want example patch please let me know.

About VST: bass includes a way to use vst, so would be for a later release probably, didn’t had time to dig into it properly yet.