Bass regular audio input

a bit noob question but is it possible to use audio input in Bass in vvvv without asio?

Any special reason why you would not want to use asio? In case its just that your soundcard does not ship with asio drivers you could give ASIO4ALL a try.

Sometimes few cards can be annoying, so yes standard audio input can be useful.

Adding this so will be available for next addon pack (with few other changes, specially to reduce latency on a non asio context).

i need audio input without asio because asio makes the soundcard exclusive to one software but where i want to use it multiple programs need to use the same device from the same soundcard. also i’ve tried to do it in c# but i couldn’t found a normal example code for recording with Bass.NET the standard reference/documentation doesn’t cover this topic very well and i’m not that skilled to find it out