Bass audio, question for vux :)


I have read that from VLC 1.2, it should be possible to get VLC to deliver decoded audio also, instead of only video frames.

In order to send it further down the line, I was thinking maybe it would be a good thing to output the same format as vux’s bass plugins.

I was just wondering, is this still a good choice today?

And if you think it is, do you have some sample code to get me started (not that I will do it tomorrow, but…)

Only obvious problem is bass is free for non commercial use, but you have to pay a license for commercial usage. So need to keep that in mind

Otherwise it should be quite simple to have vlc plugin sending audio, you just need to create either a streamproc channel or a push stream

-Streamproc channel roughly has a callback when sound card asks for data, you send the decoded data to it.
-Pushstream you send data whenever you want and bass buffers it (it’s how you stream from url mainly)

Both are quite straightforward to implement.

Sounds about right, good starting point to look at:

You will probably need some pre-buffering tho, since sound card latency will probably become an issue.

Other one I was looking at was FMod, maybe the license could be bit more friendly (but for what i do i prefer Bass normally)