Bass Asio Version 0.4

Hello, as other post has lot of replies,
i thought starting a fresh one would make it easier.

There we are, new release for bass and asio support is out :)

Many thanks for people who helped testing the previous version.

Bass Asio version 0.4

There’s a lot of improvements, so you can check it all in the changelog here:

This version is now branched on SVN, so I should be quicker for bug fixes as I can now switch between main version and this release pretty easily.

Have a lot of new ideas/features for next release, so stay tuned :)


I am trying to use the bass asio driver to access multiple soundinputs of an asio audio interface and have the envelope of each channel control the level of some lights over artnet.

Is this at all possible with bass asio, I cant find anything that let me access individual audio channels for analysis, not in the examples folder as well.

when I connect the rms(bass) node to the output of an audioin(bassasio) I just get one value out responding to all the channels I have a microphone connected to.

I am using version 0.4



Hi sunep,

on this version the AudioIn (bassasio) is indeed hard coded.

The next release has individual channel access, and allows you to join channels too, so if you plug a RMS on a different audio in, you should have the correct output.

ooh, looking forward to next release then, any idea when it is coming?

for now I will use max/msp, the project needs to be finished this week.

happy coding on the next release

hi vux! on your site you state, that users have copy some dlls in the vvvv bin. which ones? for the new file formats?

you´re the man!


@sinus : if you go on bass website, you can download some plugins to load different file formats (example: bass wma, bass flac…)

If you copy this dll file to the vvvv bin folder the filestream node will handle this format automatically (need vvvv restart of course).

Please note that in next version those dll will need to be installed on the plugins folder instead, but the wma and flac plugins will be shipped with the release (as they are used for some new nodes).

Hope this helps


just tried the bass asio…works great
thanks julien
i’m able to share the same asio driver between different applications
vvvv & live…cool

now just wondering if there’s a way to play a video file
and route it’s audio stream to the bass asio output…
hmmm…not sure

Hi circuitb,

Is it a video you play using vvvv FileStream node? or a different application?

i try to laod an AVI file in the bass asio Filestream node
with differents audio codecs
but it seems it only supports audio files?(wav,mp3 etc…)

in fact i’m trying to make a low latency patch to trig
short video’s with sound…
any ideas?

Hi circuitb,

at the moment bass is only for audio.

I know there’s a way to have video playback with bass, although it uses directshow as well (so it would be a direct show filter), so latency would be kinda similar i guess.

That will proably be for a future version, keeping that in my list :)

ok thx

Hey vux, is there any chance that you will aslo make an asio version of the waveplayer?


Do you use the waveplayer because it’s spreadable?
Or is it to make custom non clicking looping?

  • If it’s for the first I don’t plan do do a spreadable filestream for the moment (if there is some demand i might make a little effort tho :)
  • If it’s the second option, i got a custom node (not released) which i use for some other purpose, but i might make it a bit more generic then.

Also, as didn’t updated this thread for a while, this is the roadmap for the bass plugin, hope it’s gonna answer the questions :)
I don’t know yet if all will be done in one release or several.

  • Non Real Time FFT Node: Done, going for version 0.6 (release in beta 21 addon pack).
  • No more value pins for handles, all replaced by custom nodes.
  • Enums pins for devices, fft size and anything which is a list choice.
  • Waveform output as a layer.
  • Rewrite in c++, probably done at the same time as I swap to nodes. Asio performances should be much faster as no more internal convertion would be needed. Dynamic stream would be a bit better, but probably not that much as i still need some conversion (vvvv uses doubles and sound data is float)
  • Revamp on the DSP system: Massive improvements on the way.
  • Improved support for multiple sound card output.

Its for the spreadability only…I think I’m not the only one interested in a spreadable filestream, because it opens new possibilities such as using vvvv as an audiomixer, or your keyboard to play samples and much more :) would be dope!

Anyway thanks for your work so far, always appreciated.

Will put it on my list then, will need to make the mixer spreadable as well too then :)

hey guys.

excuse my noobishness - but i just don’t get the bass audio in.
what i want to do is to get the audio output from my dj software to analyze in vvvv. i’m using traktor with a numark djio interface (4 output channels, no input).
how do i configure all of the node’s input pins to get what i want?
is grabbing the audio from traktor as simple as i imagine it?

thanks in advance

I might be semi-hijacking the thread in this instance but I’ve been trying to get Wormhole 2 to pipe audio from Sonar straight into an FTT in V4. I think (if it works) its an ideal way to control audio driven patches because there is so much control over exactly what you want whichever channel you want to drive whatever you’re driving.

its seems to be set up alright - VST plug-ins in VVVV vst folder and Sonar’s, the worm holes can see eachother and Sonar’s wormhole connects but - V4’s Wormhole always times out. Has anyone else had any experience with Wormhole 2? I’ve tried got the sample rates the same and the logic seems to be right, but it never wants to play…

wormhole can be found here

Sad Hannah