Bass asio and channel routing

hello dear vvvv community.

via vvvv, I am trying to send out different audio on different channels. therefore i am working with the rme hammerfall dsp aes-32
I am trying to achieve this with the asio drivers, since -as it is said- only there i can choose single channels, whereas there should also be some more advantages like lower latency etc.

In my attached patch, I route all my audio out to 6 different channels. This seems to work. But I get all the 6 different sound sources merged into one channel. I tried pretty much every possibility with enabling only one channel on the AudioOut (Bass Asio), all of them, playing with the channel count on the Mixer (Bass)… I can´t figure it out. Am I doing something wrong?

Maybee someone has experience with this?

thanks a lot (7.4 MB)