Basic videomapping bezier lines or segments, how to?

Well i have a few videomapping ideas that i want to achive, but im stuck on how to achive a few effects


i know how to do the cubes, multiprojector mapping, (in that example its not needed) but i dont know how to do the shadows, or that kind of “vray” ligth. is that possible on vvvv?

how can i do this kind of lines ? i know how to do it on after effects with trapcode, but can be done on vvvv with a segment, and can the lengt, phase, and diameter be animated like on Ae?

I too need a better understanding on this subject, thank you for asking exactly the specific question in my mind. Projecting on things workshop files really dint help me understand, would be ideal to make a video tutorial…raising this request behalf of many many users.

you must play with some effects…
for the second video, GaussinBlend stuff, for the shadow have a look inside girlpower( shadow )
for the vray light I used RadialBlur… there is a contribution, here:shine

using only this stuff I did this last year:

there is more or less all the things you wanna achieve, feel free to make more precise question, I’ll try to help you

@Luper yeah thats what i want!!!
how did you do the lines on the begening of the video ? thats all that i need
i really like all the video and i want all the patches :P, but thats your special magic, i just need to know how to make the 1st lines and from there i want do do my own magic jejej

pd: min 1:20 its just beatifull!

use spreads also to facilitate …

lines (514.3 kB)

Ok here you got some nice Tron_Style line, creating and disappearing…

(I’m using the glow-pass here)

This is for free, if you want more, come to Prague and offer me something to drink XD XD

Tron Line.rar (13.1 kB)

cool patch

i added a mouse editor for the points

Tron Line (11.4 kB)

for the fun

cool add, manuel, I like the numbered stuff (I always make confusion when lots of point)

Ok so, next move: how to make curve? I know, with some bezier or b-spline…
But how to draw the contour of an object, without to know before how many curve there are?



@luper @manuel useful and fun

get you started…

curves.v4p (11.1 kB)
coord.v4p (23.8 kB)

yeah… if you can do the coord.v4p with only one b-spline, for N curves, you are my man

also check diki’s bezier to grid

diki patches#beziertogrid

I had added a .x writer to have the grid saved, but it wasn’t editable on patch reload.
I use it regulary to had quick shapes and masks, but it’s not so flexible if you want to put textures on it. for that i think you should combine 3dmax, etc.

ciao ale scaricati questo

@Luper Thanks! Cool patch!


  • a cleaned version of tron lines (EX9), added also the cursor to better place the point on mapped object.

  • Patch from Mapping Workshop by catweasel. in this one you can save the points in text file and make multiple path.

  • A module I created to use contribution/soft-shadows-for-point-light easier…

bye bye

Tron (15.6 kB)
3 (15.1 kB) (704.0 kB)