Basic tracking

Hi guys.

I would like to have some advice on a “simple thing”.

I need to do some basic tracking :

-I need to know the x position and basic shape of a person standing in front of a camera. (shape not more precise than a quad around the person )

Here is the way I tried : background suppression shader and then contour.

My problem is :
-contour node output keeps on jittering and does not give me a stable quad.
Furthermore any little white dot is detected and gives me an output.

Do you have some advice or ideas on how to fix that ?
Maybe there is an other way of detecting the biggest white area ?

Thank you very much !!!

hi artcontr,
have a look at user modules, especially animation the IIR module.
for me it works fine to stabilize incomming data with fiducials.
you may use an S+H coupled to it.
or maybe use also a damper coupled to it.
it depends on how you want to manage it (feeling, precision, quickness).

you can also have like you say an information with Pipet, searching for non white pixels.

i m pretty interrest by your patch in contour ( never arrived in a short time to use it correctly)…