"Basic" Texture Mapping

First off, I’m very new to vvvv - been looking at it over the last few days during my holiday break. I’m looking for a tool to help in some visualization projects I have in mind. Been using a tool called Zuma for the last few months. I really like some capabilities - unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be supported any longer. It does 80% of what I’m after. so my starting point is to try to reproduce some similar visualizations within vvvv. One of the “basic” things Zuma supports is being able to vary the UV mapping in real time - scale, offsets, etc. - giving some very interesting and unexpected effects. I can’t seem to find anything yet in vvvv that would give a similar “simple” interface to texture maps. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’m guessing shaders might be a solution, but not quite there yet in terms of expertise and understanding. (I wrote computer games for a living about 8 years ago, but didn’t do the 3D engine part, mostly the gameplay code - so my graphics understanding is not from an academic background.)

Whew…long first post - would appreciate any pointers.


Dunno know, texture mapping? Most Objects (Quads, Pillows, EX9 Effects) have a Texture Transform pin. So just hook up a transform node, and play with the settings. Hope it is what you mean.

Zuma? My mother plays a game named Zuma (don’t know it, let’s use Google!! ;))

Thanks, West. Played with the texture node a bit - that’s part of the puzzle, so I’ll spend a bit more time with it. Glad also to find your project page - I’m sure there are some things I can learn.

I just happened upon Zuma when surveying realtime/VJ video tools a few months back. Seems to have had an interesting inception, but little to no current activity. I’ve done some short pieces with it, but it doesn’t have a text generation capability and also is a bit quirky. There are some features I really like, but I don’t think they (3DMaxMedia) are going to really “finish” the product in terms of stability and consistency. They have a series of built in mathematical models for geometries that can easily be deformed to produce some cool effects, and it patches quickly into MIDI/audio stream.

I posted one short clip on YouTube from a recent event where I Zuma run in the background during a poetry slam. No audio, but it might give you an idea as to the capabilities. I should post some of their demo pieces on YouTube as well - my friends and I have labeled it “video crack”.

Sorry, url for the YouTube clip is http://youtube.com/watch?v=z93Yk3Bc85E

Company web site is http://3dmaxmedia.com. but it’s way out of date.