Basic spread question

Just a couple of questions about spreads, what is the best way to output bits of a spread at a time. For example if i have a spread of 200 values and i only want the first 20 then the second 20 then the third 20 and so on what is the best way to acheive this? Currently i am using an I Spread and using a “convoluted” equation to get me 0-19, 20-39, 40-59 and so on, Is this th eonly way or is there a simpler way of doing this?

Secondly is there a way to “patch” spreads?
For example, using dmx, if i have a spread in VVVV from 0 to 9 and i want to patch this to DMX outputs 21 thru 30, how is the best way of doing it?

Sorry if all of these questions have been asked before bout i couldnt find much through a forum search.


have you seen Spreads?

patch: use Get Slice
should be easy !
you can also get your dimmer law like this .

what is a convoluted equation ?

Ah! Thats perfect, Ive needed up using “get Spreads” and playing with the count and offset it will do exactly what i want!

“Convoluted” means making things more complicated than they should be! Which i was…;-)

I see how i can use this to move spread vales arround forsending DMX too! Thanks


convoluted equations are interresting because uselly they end to the right equation ;-)

how do you make a manipulation convulated to a range of slices ?
(20 to 49)

Like this! ;-)


Convoluted.v4p (6.5 kB)

ah ! i forgot the " | "… didn t paid to much attention to it … what could be its speaken name ? I like In or | like a half OR sign ( || )

thanks for the circonvolution !


its a capital latin i, like in “i think therefore i am” or “for i=1 to 10 next i” the latter i is said to go back to the days of fortran, where i would denote an integer variable which was used as an iterator.

for (int i=vvvv; i inferior to infinite; i++)