Basic questions about DETECT OBJECT node

Hi guys,

I have VVVV 45beta25.1 version and I have been using the camshift tracker and color tracker without any problem. I am trying to do basic face tracking so i read about DetectObject using an xml haar training file which is included in DetectObject help node… problem is… I don’t see any kind of tracking being done??? I don’t see a rectangle or any kind of X, Y coordinates being output at all?? I have tried enabling the “show rectangle” box but it still does not work… now I am wondering … do i have to have OPENCV installed on my computer for this node to work? What is the procedure on using the “detect object” node?I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you

hoi max,

sory, there was a problem with packaging the freeframes for beta25.1, the DetectObject (FreeFrame DShow9) is an old version. attached is the right one, replace it with the one found in
that should do.

also note that the .xml is not shipping with vvvv. you’ll have to get it yourself as mentioned in the helppatch. (121.3 kB)

Hi Joreg

thanks for the update.
Unfortunately, I am still unable to see any tracking being done with your new dll. I placed it in the freefram folder like you said and overwrote the old one. I also obtained an xml file for frontalface traking from another site and loaded in the node. The “faces detected count” is zero and I see no tracking at all…Am i suppose to see the count display “1” as soon as the node is open and the camera turned on? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. thank you all.

It should display 1 when its detected a face…
Detection can be tempermental, so make use a face is visible, that the lighting is ok, I’ve found overhead and slightly forward as a keylight to be helpful, and try staying still, if it doesn’t find you, move a little, once you’ve detected 1 you know its working, then you can look at improving the lighting maybe?


works for me with the frontalface files from with normal daylighting my face is immediately detected in the helppatch.

the Show Rectangle seems broken though as it even shows the rectangle when turned off.

umm, not sure what the deal is… i have tried pretty much everything… even a different camera…

maybe my detect object help file is buggy… would anyone be kind enough to share their tested “detect object help file”? I’d like to try it.

PS: I am assuming that openCV does not need to be installed on the computer, correct?

o ou.

i probably found the problem you’re facing:
try disconnecting the link between the Traing File IOBox an the DetectObject (FreeFrame DShow9) and then rightclick the Training File to choose a file via the filedialog. after selection hovering the pin shows a relative path and it works for me.

just for the record: this is related to this problem: