Basic-problem with TimelinerSA

Hi vvvv_people. The timeliner_node (vvvv) is working well. But the values of timelinerSA are flickering and not usable. In the beginning i thought i do not understand the osc_concept (using “Send_Receive_TimelinerSA” patch). Then i opend “osc” in main_menu of SA: the values are also flickering here. Looks like a kind of data_feedback??? Hiilfeee!!!

S+H… no text …

S+H.v4p (4.0 kB)

Thank you DiMiX!!! Its working, usable values. Its time for a timeliner. Sitting two hours before the monitor + staring at an io_box while listening to a piece of musik for starting an input_morph at the right moment is not really funny!