Bangs not shown reliably in Inspektor

To reproduce:

  • ctrl + i to open Inspektor
  • create a LFO
  • connect the Phase output of the LFO to an IOBox so it starts running
  • select the LFO to make it show up in Inspektor
  • check On New Cycle

Tested with 6.0-0232.


Out of curiosity, why isn’t it running without an IOBox connected? Just checked on the Wanderer node, and this one is producing a position on its output shown in the inspector without anything connected.

The Position output of Wanderer is assigned to Update, whereas the Phase output of LFO is assigned to a GetValue operation. This operation is not automatically called by VL, so you have to connect something to it for the operation to run.

You can see the output pins of LFO have a less opaque shade of grey because they’re currently not running. The output of Wanderer is fully grey, so it’s running.


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