Bang - momentary switch mode?

id like to make a bang behave like a momentary switch ( ie - the value stays until i release it ) i looked at the inspektor but couldnt see anything relevant… any ideas?

hey air,

check the toggle-(Animation) node ;)

thanks for the reply :)

that works like the normal toggle doesnt it? i have to press it twice to go from value A to B and back to A.

id like to have it on value A, then when pressed go to value B and stay on B whilst held, only going back to A when released. so its one press and a release instead of pressing twice.

the more precise you ask the more precise the answers :)

so if i got it right:
you are speaking about an IOBox (Value Advanced) With Slider Behaviour set to Toggle or Bang, but you want a 3rd option like “Key” (…the behaviour you described)???

i’m with you, sometimes i also wanted a behaviour like this.
anyway you should have a look at Button (3d Quad) and its helppatch

Post this patch if you haven’t found a solution yet.

HoldBang.v4p (6.9 kB)

@maarten-guest: cool patchlet!

thanks, thats exactly what i needed :)