Bang gets lost on lagging machine


hi all,

I have a machine that sometimes hangs a little bit when loading json content. not much, but enough for some bangs to dissapear.

I tried with delay and monoflop + togedge. A incoming bang shall be delayed with two different time intervals.
most of the time both come, but sometimes just one of them just dissapears.

is this normal behaviour?

vvvv_45beta34.2_x64, can’t switch to current version because of some plugins.


incoming from where and how? best show the patch.

which plugins exactly?


it looks like this

callmenames.v4p (6.0 KB)

the bang comes from a R node. Both sender and receiver are in patches that are always evaluated.

plugin is the the html texture dx11. I know tebian compiled it for the new vvvv, but I always get a red node. :/


well i meant more what is the actual source of the bang?!

and don’t use a Delay node for delaying bangs! the MonoFlop->TogEdge solution is definitely the way to go.