Bad Mapper / Full screen in Windows 11


I can’t toggle the full screen view in Windows 11 in a scenario where i have a monitor and projector. No issues in Windows 10, but the Windows 11 doesn’t want…

here a screenshot of the patch:


Nothing difficult. In windows 11, I extend my desktop over two screens (one being the projector). I press F11 or Alt + Enter > the window disappears and nothing happens. If I unplug the projector and I run it on just the laptop screen, i can toggle the window. Just not with the projector attached…

… I know it sounds boring and it’s somewhat win 11…

… but have you had similar issue before? is there a fix for that? anybody else had that problem? what can i do?

Thanks a lot!

hey vincent,

i’m afraid this is a known issue still with stride fullscreen. the workaround for now is to make sure that DPI settings on all monitors is 100%.

ah ok, thanks a lot. let me work with that then!

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