BackgroundSubtraction (EX9.TextureFilter) broken in b35.2, new since b35

Title pretty much says it, but yeah, it looks like the BackgroundSubtraction (EX9.TextureFilter) node just passes through the input texture without doing anything in b35.2 x64. This seems like a new bug since I’ve been using it recently in b35. Double checked and the patches that don’t work in 35.2 work fine in 35 (both x64).

I’ve included a simple demo patch that should be able to replicate the issue.

bgsubtractbug.v4p (9.4 KB)

Not sure whether this affects other TextureFilter nodes. I’ll post anything else I find.

for me this patch does exactly the same in both versions.

there seems to be a misunderstanding on how the shader works. it does only affect the alpha channel. so make sure that the input textures have a format that supports alpha, i.e. A8R8G8B8. in your example patch the DX9Textures output X8R8G8B8 which does not work together with the shader.

so change the format there and and set the FullScreenQuad to ‘Blend’ and it works.

bgsubtractbugfix.v4p (11.2 KB)

Interesting. I wonder why it behaves differently across versions, but only on my system? I came across this problem loading up some patches I’d been working on with b35 where my setup was totally functional with a few Player nodes as the texture source.

Switching to the current beta killed it & the exact same patch continued to work on b35, so I didn’t think to check the texture format. It looks like setting the format on the Player nodes or the FullscreenQuad does fix the issue though.

Odd, but setting the texture format fixes things and it seems only to affect my system so I guess it’s a non-issue!

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