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I left vvvv, for at least 5 years… no time and other projects to run on other platforms.
Yesterday night I start to look back at your site and FB… what a bit step forward…good job guys.

I need to refresh my memory and look for suggestion to migrate my old stuff into the new version.
I think I left at the time DX11 was emerging in beta … but never did complete stuff with it.
Can you point me to some posts, articles, tutorials to come back on track.
Regarding my new laptop I got a beast, Eurcom I9 9MHz 64G of ram 2x2Tb of ssd’s Win10 SLI; 16GB; 8GB GDDR5; NVIDIA GTX 1070 (desktop) ; 2048 CUDA
I hope it should be fine…
thanks in advance for your feedback and suggestions.

good morning and welcome back!

for starters you could check out the girlpower patches that are bundled with the dx11 pack, that will give you an overview of the dx11 pipeline, then head over to the Staff Picks contributions, especially the Rendering section where you’ll find all the massive contribs that popped during those last years.

now I would also suggest taking a look at VL or why not vvvv gamma by watching some HowTos and Tutorials. Be aware that gamma lacks a 3D engine for now, a Xenko integration is on the way.

happppy patching!


I’m a bit lost with the download area…
where can I get he DX11 Packs… in the current instalation i don’t have any packs folder and cannot find it in the download page.

Thanks in advance

The first link you were given, Staff Picks, and literally pretty much on the top …

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