Back buffer hi res export

I’m working actually on a print and i’d like to include some generative stuff from vvvv.

It needs to be hi-res smth like 10000*55000px so that i decided to use the Ex9.texture grid.

The problem is that my patch generate some kind of waveform with some kind of motion blur (renderer clear set to 0 and group with a low alpha clearing quad layer).

So that, each time i launch the writer’s save process it save backbuffer artefacts or renderer background color.

Is there any settings in the modules’ renderer or workaround to save hi-res pics without clearing the renderer ???

Cheers and looking forward april ;)

hey olivier,

@eno did related things.
impressive pictures on his userpage.

search the vvvvorums
i remember some threads regarding these issues

i think he splitted those pictures in hundreds of parts which were rendered separately. afterwards they were put together.
but maybe i’m wrong

Ok i’ll have a look.
Thx for your help.

It seems complicated when the backbuffer isn’t clear to export hi-res images.

Any camera translation (like the Ex9.texture grid does) will just add layer over the other ones (as the backbuffer isn’t clear).

I’m stuck right now, i’ll let you know if i’m somehow successfull handle this.

Ok have some news,

Thanks to @ampop i finally find a solution.

As the backbuffer isn’t clear, you need one renderer per tile (so that if you need 44 tiles each of 10241024 px for example, you need 16 renderer each with backbuffer size to 1024 px).

Then just output each renderer backbuffer layer to the writer (ex9.texture) node.

Then you need to clear all backbuffer, disable all backbuffer (so that you freeze the wanted picture) and then you can save each renderer backbuffer.

I think a module for that would be nice but seems tricky (use setpatch to dynamically create and connect each renderer according to the number of rows and cols.

I’ll work on it and if i made something usefull, stay tuned.