B-spline-polygon without selfintersection

happy new year to all!
how to avoid self-intersection, keeping animated “organic” shape ?
thanks in advance,

B-Spline-Polygon.v4p (17.4 kB)

I played a bit with it.

EDIT: I forgot to set indexes which should be 1001 and not 1000.

B-Spline-Polygon_mod.v4p (15.1 kB)

or use polygon(svg)

Thanks. SVG is fine

If you don’t change the logic of the vertex transformations, under certain circumstances you’re going to get glitches with svg too, though less frequently.

yes.I’m aware of that. if the random range is too wide the self-intersection still happens. but with SVG at least i dont have “overlapping-double-alpha-look” sections.
although SVG texture needs more time