Azure Kinect on 5m USB c

I’m using an Azure Kinect on an active 5m usb-c to usb-c cable to power and communicate with the Kinect. We’re having this problem where occasionally the PC doesn’t see the Kinect when we power up the PC. This was happening quite frequently when we connected to the PC’s front hub, so we switched it to the back and its improved, but still not satisfactorily. Has anyone else had this problem and been able to get around it?

Yes, this problem is quite regular, in the end, we used small pc’s assembled directly next to kinect…

Have not used that particular product myself, but a different repeater (this one I think) also by newnex worked well with the kinect 2.

We have looked at these pricey newnex cables too but went with pretty regular 10m active usb extensions for the data signal in the end. In our case surprisignly the data signal was fine and stable on 10m (even without powering the extension separately) but we could not extend the power cable by more than 2m (also USB Extension). That was quite strange. Anyway it was fine though because there was power within 3m.

We’re currently using something like this: 5m Otpical Fibre USB-C… We tested it in the office and it worked fine but its in the field now and built in…

I wondering if the power delivery is the issue, but USB c to a needs some power injection some where,. That when we went for USB c to c

What sort of power supply did you find? Not sure we can get up there but we have to look at every option.

Have you tried to enable USB power delivery even when the PC is off (in BIOS), so the Camera isn’t powered down?

what i meant is we used the one that comes with the device, just extended the cable with 2m usb. it was just strange that we could extend the signal by 10m but the power not by more than 2m.

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