Awkward_O_Tron - is it working with the newes version

i cant get the patch Awkward_O_Tron working. it doesnt show video-files or live-video. is it working with the actual version of vvvv? thanks, felix

never heard of that patch. where can i get it?

i believe thats catweasels videomixes…

its catweasel’s project and it is working with the recent version.

yes, its the video-mixer. i tryed to import different types of videos and only get a black screen. any ideas?

Are you using Mk10 from±+KittyLitter

I did rework it so it should work with beta9 onwards.
I’ll check it out on another machine and check for you!

Just checked on an nvidia it seems fine, ATI the patch doedsnt load, I have a feeling that deleting the renderer and creating a new one would help here ( if I could open the patch on that machine!) as I’ve had annomilies with different brands of gfx card before.!
But if you getting a black screen the renderer sounds fine. (I get a grey on ATi)
If its the version from the link above then I dont know whats wrong!
Are you dragging the folder onto the iobox or just a file?
If you drag a folder then click thumbs they should appear after a while, then clicking on a channel preview and selecting a thumb nail should play it.!

hmm… i found my mistake - i have installed the newest directX and it is working perfect. thanks for your time and your answers!!!

Anybody have reports of the awkward-o-tron on beta 11.1?

On mine it Blue-screen-of-deaths when opening ;-(

I found one sub-patch “live channel” BSODs when opened on its own, but even with that patch deleted I still get a BSOD on the main patch as well.

OK on a different machine I can open awkward-o-tron without it crashing. The controls appear, but even when you point the system at some AVI files and rebuild the thumbnails nothing appears.

Sorry, I’ll have a look when I get a chance, I know theres a problem with Ati cards not loading the patch, nvidia should be fine, have you saved and then reopened since pointing at your avi folder? That might help, also try lifting some faders, I cant remember what the default state was now! You could try right clicking on the faders I think that should set them to defaults values. RGB should be at 50% contrast not at 50%(grey), levels at full etc…
Its been a while since I last looked at it, but it did work Im sure!

I know theres a problem with Ati cards not loading the patch, nvidia should be fine

Oddly enough my ATI laptop is the one that loads the patch OK (though I still can’t get any thumbnails to appear).

My NVIDIA desktop is the one that blue-screens.

Seems it is useful to have an example of each graphics engine when using VVVV sometimes :-)