Award-winning sound designer / composer looking for work!

Hi all, I was directed here by my friend Chris Plant over at - I guess some of you might know of him, as he’s a bit of a demon with vvvv! So anyway, I’m a freelance composer / sound designer with an extensive and extremely varied CV - most recently I’ve been working on award-winning projects with Peruvian lighting designer Claudia Paz - and I’m looking for new and interesting projects to work on, and people to work with, to expand my roster of regular clients.

I imagine there will be quite a few of you working on some great stuff, so if any of you you are in need of audio content then please get in touch. You can find links to my showreel and much more info about what I do on my website here - - but please don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you would like more information or have any specific questions you would like to ask, or proposals to make :-)

Cheers, Neil