AvoidNIL outputs incorrect values - bug?

Hello there,

I have strange behaviour of AvoidNIL node here.
Issue is currently only reproducable on a certain production machine (MacPro running Win7 64 via bootcamp / beta31.2_x86), so the attached patch might not be demonstrating the problem on other machines …

Problem is:
One of eight AvoidNIL(Spreads) nodes in one subpatch does not output the input value, when input is not NIL. When input value (bang) is triggered the first time after patch start, the output remains 1.

Had similar probelm with AvoidNIL(String) on that machine:
Even when default string was explicitly defined as “init”, having NIL on the input caused output to switch to “text” (the default default …)

What is really strange, that it is only reproducable on the machine mentioned above …

Any ideas why this could happen?

Thanks in advance!

avoidnil-demo.v4p (11.3 kB)

Sorry, on my machine your patch just show INIT.

But the avoid NILL is a module. You can right click on it and see how it works. It just counts the incoming spread, and when the spread count is 0 (zero!!) than it switches to default string.

Could it be you messed something up and save a broken module? Did you retry it with a fresh vvvv installation?