Avoid zero with stripe

hi there

I am working with freeframe contour videofilter and it all works but when there is not enough input for the contournode to react I get this zero with stripe (0/ but with stripe through zero) sign i cant type right now, its the sort of scandinavian eu, Hope you know what i mean

how can I avoid that sign and let it just be a normal 0 so I can attach it to some switches?

hope somebody knows that

thanks a lot


hello artvt , probably ReplaceEmpty node will sort your problem ,

colorsound surely refers to a module called “ReplaceEmpty (Value)” which can be found in \modules\enos and has a lousy pinnaming.

btw: that sign you refer to is called “NIL” here.

thanx guys

thats working great!

it’ll be “NIL” from now, I promise!



you now may refer to the following wiki-sites:
*Empty Spreads
which themselves all refer to Empty Spreads:include.
so if you want to add your thoughts only edit this one.